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Assos summerSocks Mille High


We live in different times, where the tall sock reigns supreme. Back when, 12cm cuffs were once considered tall and often a topic of discussion, now 15-16cm is considered tall. Taller socks offer more compression and protection from the elements, but truth be told, riders usually by them for the look. The Mille tall summer sock features the latest features and materials in a classic design with a contemporary 15cm cuff height.

The body of the sock is composed of two styles of fabric. The bottom is a thin poly material for comfort and durability while the top is the infamous Assos Skinweb weave for ventilation, The cuff is ribbed for both compression and circulation. The top of the cuff is folded for added elastic capacity and flat stitched. The toe box is reinforced for longer wear times.

Cosmetically the sock is simple (and that's a good thing). Mille style logos adorn the front and rear of the sock while the sides have no logo or graphics. This is a great example of when less is more.

All in all, the Mille sock is staff favorite and a perennial best seller. You get Assos quality and style for a good price. Choose size and color options.


  • 15cm ribbed cuff
  • Skinweb weave ventilation
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Mille graphics
  • Choose size/color
Reg Price $24.00
Item #: 851030