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Assos umaJack Lady Jacket


As of last season, this umaJack was the finest women's cycling jacket ever made. Now you can own it for a fraction of it's original price. Limited quantities and colors. No rain checks or back orders, when they are gone, they are gone for good.

When you first look at the Assos umaJack, it appears to be incredibly fashion forward like something off a Milan runway. Don't be fooled, the umaJack is the most functional winter women's cycling jacket ever produced. You see, Assos's design facilities are located in one of the lower fingers of Switzerland that is surrounded by Italy. What you end up getting is beautiful Italian styling with Swiss engineering and sensibility. This is how we get a wonderful piece like the umaJack in the collection.

Many panels make up the umaJack. All of them are anatomic and when put together, they form a perfect shape to fit the female body while cycling. This is also known as AEPD or Assos Ergonomic Pedaling Dynamics. To build on that, each of these panels are made from different fabrics and textiles for different purposes. For example, the front of the garment body and arm panels use 851 airBlock to protect you from oncoming wind, water and inclement weather. Side panels are super stretch to keep the jacket snugged up to your body. More vented and breathable panels exist on the rear of the jacket to keep a rearward perspiration flow. All of the panels work together to provide synergy of design which in turn, provide you with warmth and comfort.

Full zipper front with tall snap collar are great features. On board storage is taken care of by three full storage pockets with a zippered security pocket in the rear of the jacket. The umaJack sets the bar in bother performance and style in a women's winter cycling jacket.

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  • 851 airBlock fabrics
  • AEPD II women's cut
  • RXQ and RX fleece interior
  • Elastic side panels
  • Windproof, waterproof and breathable
  • Functional and stylish
Reg Price $399.99
Item #: 870080