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The Bando cage from Arundel has been designed to offer different levels of bottle grip depending on the nature of your riding experience in a particular day. This is an interesting concept, and a new take on rider choice from a company that has built its reputation on cages that deliver excellent bottle grip and retention. Essentially the Bando borrows the fantastic Mandible carbon design, but is constructed from the more cost effective composite that Arundel uses for several popular cage versions. Th center of the cage features two mounts, which are designed to hold a rubber strap that provides extra retention security.

There are three levels of bottle retention. If you simply use the cage, with no band, the design holds a bottle snugly, and is easier to retrieve and replace. This would not be ideal for a bumpy road or trail, but great for an afternoon cruise on the bike path with the family. Arundel includes two silicone rubber bands- thin and thick. This provides substantially more grip- possibly ideal for a road ride. Arundel considers this grip level to be just below their highest retention cage, the carbon Mandible. The thick band surpasses even the Mandible, and requires at least two years of arm wrestling experience to use. Kidding, but the thick band is borderline ridiculous. Heavy gravel roads, New England potholes, Enduro riding- no problem. You are more likely to lose your teeth or your lunch then your bottle.

The bands are easy to change, and because they have a center gap, simple to secure when not in use with a twist tie or small c-clip so you don't lose them. If the Bando appeals to you, we have no need to explain why. However, if you are trying to understand why someone would choose the Bando, here is a possibility: you are a dedicated gravel racer and rider who commutes and races on your gravel steed, and because you love it so much, you always ride to the farmer's market or on the weekly casual family ride. There are your three levels of usage, right there. If you decide to enjoy the fortress-level optional protection of the Bando, we recommend you start the arm wrestling training now.

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  • Composite bottle cage with three level of retention protection
  • Two silicone rubber bands- thick and thin- to customize retention
  • Cage shape and form is taken from the Mandible bottle cage
  • Easy angle access for bottle insertion retraction
  • Two sets of mounting holes allow for ideal frame fit
  • Works with standard width cycling bottles
  • Colors: Black(natural composite), White Accents, Red Accents
  • Weight: 51 grams (with thick band installed)
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