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The Mandible is our best reviewed bottle cage, and an overwhelming Excel staff favorite for one simple reason- it features the best bottle retention of any cage we have ever sold. On top of that, the design allows for excellent removal and insertion angles and doesn't require massive effort to do so. With a weight under 30 grams, it is light. The genius design and perfect engineering of the Arundel Mandible has been evolved into this DTR sideloading design that functions just as well as the standard version, but works better for smaller frame triangles, especially on sloping designs. These characteristics are fully present in the DTR, which refers to Down Tube Right cage, which means it mounts to the downtube, and has the access angle to the driveside, or right, of the frame. Arundel also offers the STR, which mounts on the seattube, and yes, you guessed it, also has access from the right side.

The Mandible DTR offers a great sleeker version of the Dave-O style Sideloader Cage. In order to deliver the more minimalist look while actually improving function, Arundel actually shaped the full carbon arms in a geometric fashion, and used a foam core within the carbon fiber. This combination gives the arms incredible strength and resilience, but also definitively retains shape for the bottle grip required. The arms are exceptionally durable, and highly impact resistant.

Beyond function and durability, the cage is very low profile, with a clean, curving shape and truly tips the scales at a scant 30 grams. You get two sets of mounting holes, to ensure optimal set-up on your frame, and the low profile Hex bolts that best fit the cage. We are also fans of the Dave-O design and it's Sideloader model, but if the success of the Mandible is any indication, the DTR will become a best seller. If you are left handed, or prefer to access your cages from the left side, keep in mind that by using the DTR on the seattube (and the STR on the downtube), you have a left facing cage.

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  • Sideloading design variant of the best selling Mandible bottle cage
  • DTR = Down Tube Right, STR = Seat Tube Right
  • Amazing bottle retention and grip, but with easy, smooth release and insertion
  • Graceful, clean shapes and curves belie the solid integrity and function
  • Unique, foam micro-core, carbon fiber design
  • Geometrically enhanced arms for added strength
  • Dual mounting holes to customize bottle position
  • Comes with high quality, low profile Hex bolts for mounting
  • See dropdown selection for available colors/finishes
  • Weight: 30 grams
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