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We don't believe any moles were sacrificed to make Arundel's Gecko Fur Handlebar Tape, but for road cyclists who don't want a thick, soft tape, but desire grip, feel, and water shedding- the short, brushed velvet-like moleskin surface of the Gecko Fur may just be the best tape we have tried recently. It works just as well in rain or humidity as it does in dry, cool conditions so you will never feel a loss of tactile response. The Gecko Fur uses Arundel's usual EVA foam base material with this sort-of roughed up cotton top layer. We feel it is just a bit thinner than most standard Arundel tape- again a desirable trait for many road cyclists.

Gecko Fur is durable, has mild stretch and works with just about every glove palm material we have found. Unlike the Gecko Grip or Rubber Gecko, the Fur is probably not ideal for cyclocross or gravel where the mud may be flying, as it can sort of pack up a bit. The ideal user puts a premium on positive road feel, whether using a carbon or aluminum bar, likes a tacky but not sticky grip, and needs a little cushion, but not a soft squishy wrap. Like with all Arundel bar tape, you get two 2200mm rolls, lever cuts, end caps and finishing tape. Much more durable and with more consistent tactile feel than cork or other road specific tape, Arundel's Gecko Fur is the real deal, even if real moles weren't involved.

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  • Great road bar tape if you like feel, grip, tactile response and durability
  • Gecko Fur lays flat, not thick or puffy, wraps and lays nicely
  • Doesn't absorb much, or become slick
  • Moleskin outer layer is roughed up, tough cotton material
  • EVA foam bottom layer takes the edge off without being bulky
  • Embossed Arundel logos set off the matte-like finish
  • Logo only on one edge, so you can wrap logo-out or logo-in
  • Arundel tip: pull 4" to end of tape taut to break the paper cover of the adhesive tape, as many people find if they peel from the end, it pulls up the adhesive
  • Two 2200mm rolls with end caps, finishing tape, 2 cut sections for levers
  • Color: Black
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