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Arundel's success with handlebar tape means the Texas-based company has the freedom to continue testing and producing new and innovative options that present strong challenges the very competitive tape market. Their Synth Gecko has been well received, but the product team wanted to offer an alternative to the popular, costly, and frankly, heavy silicone bar tapes from other manufacturers. If you could have the grip, comfort and durability of most silicone tapes, but as a more cost effective option, wouldn't you at least try it? Now you can. In development of their Gecko Pave Handlebar Tape, Arundel combined proven materials and manufacturing processes to produce comparable performance while shedding considerable weight.

The soft center ridge measures 3.85mm in thickness and gently tapers to 1mm on each side. This makes the Pave wrap evenly, while the extra height allows for compression during installation to bring the overall thickness on the bar to an even 3.5mm. At about 133 grams per set Gecko Pave is approximately 40% lighter than the market average for all-silicone bar tape. How was this achieved in Gecko Pave? It is made from a combination of foam and fabric tape that has a thin silicone layer printed on the outside. The silicone features graphics of Arundel's colored pave' bricks. The end result carried the thickness of several of Arundel's best-selling bar tapes, delivering shock absorption, adequate padding, and the grip you have come to expect from silicone tapes, costing around 20-25% less than most 100% silicone tapes.

Offered in a wide array of colors, Gecko Pave has the tacky feel of silicone, cleans up easily with soap and water, and delivers grip in wet or dry conditions. The texture lines in the Pave pattern also serve as channels for water and sweat to run off the tape so moisture doesn't build up between your hands and the bar. As always Arundel delivers two 2200mm rolls of tape and bar end caps to cover and finish virtually any road bar and many of the wider gravel bars as well. When you wrap it, fight the tendency to stretch and wrap at high tension. You also don't need drastic overlap to provide the shock and impact absorption- the inherent properties of the high foam take care of that. It is always great to see a new bar tape option from Arundel, as we have had great feedback and repeat purchases from our customers, and many of us here on staff use it Arundel tape as well. Gecko Pave saves weight, money, and performs. What else can you ask for?

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  • Lightweight, cushioned bar tape with silicone printed surface for performance and features of 100% silicone tape, but lighter, more cost effective
  • Foam and fabric tape with a thin silicone layer printed on the outside
  • Pave block pattern is the actual printed silicone material
  • Ideal for wet, muddy, high humidity conditions and rough surfaces
  • Silicone print naturally repels water, and is tacky to touch- wet or dry
  • Channels in Pave pattern displace water and sweat
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Saves about 40% of weigh versus 100% silicone, cost 20-25% less
  • Two 2200mm rolls with end caps, finishing tape, 2 cut sections for levers
  • 3.85 center thickness, tapered to 1mm
  • Weight: 133 grams
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