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Whether you're facing the demise of your old pump's chuck or you're captivated by the sleek design of Arundel's Pump Heads, their allure is unmistakable. Arundel's Pump Heads are a synthesis of elegant design and enduring durability, ensuring a long-lasting performance that remains consistent over time. The range includes three distinct styles, catering to diverse user preferences. The Hansel model is perfect for those who favor a thumb lock style for a secure attachment to the valve. In contrast, the Gretel model features a threaded design that provides a firm and unwavering fit during the pumping process.

Each of these pump heads is designed to attach seamlessly to the Schrader fitting on an Arundel pump's hose, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. A noteworthy feature of these pump heads is their replaceable grommets. This detail underlines Arundel's commitment to longevity and reliability, offering users the reassurance of sustained functionality through years of usage.

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  • Clever thumb lock design
  • Compatible with Schrader valves
  • Feature replaceable grommets for longevity
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