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Accessories Bells

The polished brass bell housing and ringer make the Jezebell is a sight to behold. The ringer is a solid piece of brass that is spring loaded, so when you cock it back and strike the bell housing, you get a load but beautiful sound. The ringer is adjustable, so you can position it around the bell to your liking.

Like the other bell offerings from Arundel, the Jezebell features a simple and strong Delrin clamp mounts straight up to any handlebar via the handy knurled stainless steel thumb screw. This means no tools are needed. Compatibility isn't an issue as the bell fits 31.8mm bars and 28.6mm with included shim.

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  • Arundel's loudest bell, due to brass housing, in compact size
  • High density Delrin clamp construction
  • Polished brass bell housing
  • Spring loaded brass ringer
  • Knurled thumbscrew
  • High quality construction
  • 28.6mm shim included
  • Weight: 71 grams
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