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The Looney Bin is a water bottle cage with a twist. This dial-adjustable cage from Arundel was designed to give riders of all types a secure beverage carrier. From a narrow or oddly shaped bottle of water from the convenience store, to a taller insulated coffee mug, all the way through a glass bottle of San Pellegrino, or something similar, the adjustable Looney Bin will get the job done.

The cage and adjustable mechanism is made from a plastic composite that flexes and can handle the stress of various shapes, weights and diameter beverage containers. The dial itself is simple to use, even with one hand, so adjustment on the fly is possible, if not recommended. The Looney Bin is ideal for your commuting or townie bikes, and has become popular for bikepacking as well. No matter what you are riding and drinking out of, Arundel has your bottle cage covered. You get to choose the beverage. Please ride and consume responsibly.

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  • Adjustable diameter bottle cage for carrying non-traditional bottles on your bike
  • Plastic composite construction
  • Adjusts with simple ratcheting dial to fit different size bottles
  • Strong and secure, even with heavy glass containers
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Weight: 73 grams
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