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As you might guess from the name, the Mandible's molded carbon fiber jaws offer more bottle clamping power than any other cage on the market. That alone is fantastic, as you will never lose another bottle on the Mandible's watch, but what's equally impressive is how easy the cyclist can remove and insert the bottle. These two actions are rarely associated with iron-clad clamping of the bottle. Leave it to Arundel to develop a true challenger, and advancement, to it's own category leader, the Dave-O.

The Mandible appears to just be a sleeker version of the Dave-O, but in order to deliver the more minimalist look while actually improving function, Arundel actually shaped the arms in a geometric fashion, and used a foam core within the carbon fiber. This combination gives the arms incredible strength and resilience, but also definitively retains the bottle grip required. The arms are exceptionally durable, and highly impact resistant. We have only seen one Mandible broken, but when the seat and down tubes get sheared in half in a vehicle impact, it seems unfair to expect a 27 gram bottle cage to survive. Fortunately, the cyclist did, and recovered to come in an buy a new bike adorned with Mandible cages.

Beyond function and durability, the cage is very low profile, with a clean, curving shape and truly tips the scales at a scant 27 grams. You get two sets of mounting holes, to ensure optimal set-up on your frame, and the low profile Hex bolts that best fit the cage. It's no surprise that the Mandible has become an instant customer and staff favorite. For some riders the real choice between the Mandible and the Dave-O is a preferred aesthetic, or simply a better visual match with the bike. Dave-O set the standard. Mandible has raised the bar, and demonstrated Arundel's commitment to excellence.

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  • A true advancement of Arundel's benchmark Dave-O bottle cage
  • Amazing bottle retention and grip, but with easy, smooth release and insertion
  • Graceful, clean shapes and curves belie the solid integrity and function
  • Unique, foam micro-core, carbon fiber design
  • Geometrically enhanced arms for added strength
  • Dual mounting holes to customize bottle position
  • Comes with high quality, low profile Hex bolts for mounting
  • See dropdown selection for available colors/finishes
  • Weight: 27 grams
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