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Arundel's Other Sideloader Bottle Cage is the same great cage as the standard Sideloader, but opens to the opposite side of the bike. Please see more details on selection below. Bike engineering, geometry and materials used today have brought models in all size options, but the tube lengths, profiles and shapes can be challenging for water bottle placement, particularly in the smallest sizes. Side loading style bottle cages have been developed to allow these smaller frames to accommodate standard 24oz and smaller bottles that barely clear the frame dimensions when caged, let alone when you have to insert or remove the bottle. But side loading cages be weaker or offer less secure grip on the bottle than required. Arundel solved that problem by offering the Sideloader Bottle Cage, a modified version of the top shelf Dave-O design. In addition, they also offer the Other Sideloader Bottle Cage, because seat and down tube sides become different with one facing rear and one facing front. Most cyclists have a preferred hand they use to withdraw bottles and drink with. If you need two side loading cages, you want both facing the preferred side.

The Arundel Other Sideloader is made from compression molded carbon fiber, which is essential to the cage both holding the bottle securely and maintaining that grip over time. The wrapping curves of the Dave-O are modified for side access and provide excellent hold as well as easy insertion and removal. Both Sideloaders also come with a longer spine channel and two sets of mounting holes for maximum installation flexibility and optimal positioning. The cyclist can ride with confidence knowing that the latest in quality control and manufacturing techniques are implemented to produce the Arundel Other Sideloader carbon water bottle cages, ensuring that safe, secure and completely functional water bottle cages are available for any size frame.

A note on how to choose your Sideloader cage or cages. Arundel calls the Other Sideloader a Left Side opening cage for the Seat Tube. Meaning, cyclists who need to access the bottle on the seat tube from the left side should buy this cage. If the same cyclist also needed a side loading cage for the down tube, the Sideloader cage would be the correct down tube match. If you think solely in terms of left or right, it gets confusing. The bottom line is that if you need two cages that open to the right, you need to buy one Sideloader, and one Other Sideloader. If you buy one of each, you have both down and seat tubes covered, regardless of which side the product refers to. If you only need a seat tube mounted cage that you access from the right, please buy the standard Sideloader.

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  • Side loading bottle cage that securely holds standard water bottles in all conditions
  • Removing and inserting the bottle is simple and easily managed
  • Designed to work on the seat tube of a smaller or a compact frame
  • Left Side entry from seat tube (right side entry from down tube)
  • Compression molded carbon fiber construction is durable and resilient over time
  • Central spine of cage offers two sets of mounting holes for flexible installation
  • Includes low profile allen bolts for mounting
  • Offered in UD Glossy or UD Matte finish
  • Weight: 30 grams
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