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Serious fans of Arundel's bar tape tend to use several versions throughout the year. The standard Gecko Grip tape is a favorite for wet conditions, but some cyclists have asked for a little bit more cushion. Arundel developed the Rubber Gecko Handlebar Tape in response. Not only do you gain some more foam cushion, the natural rubber outer layer has a more substantial feel than the polyurethane used on Gecko Grip. So overall you get a tape that has just a little bit more cushion from the loft, but considerably more comfort. Our best selling wet weather tape has just gotten better for riders who hit the gravel, trail, or raggedy urban streets when rain, fog and high humidity dominate the 10-day forecast.

The Rubber Gecko Handlebar Tape wraps normally, like most non-silicone tape, with a bit of stretch so you can get a perfect overlapping finished wrap. Two 2200mm rolls will easily cover most bars, even a 46cm model, so you have great flexibility in how and what you wrap. Two bar end caps finish off the perfect wrap.

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  • Cushy bar tape made with foam and an outer layer of natural rubber
  • Soft tactile grip with a bit of give, from EVA foam and rubber layers
  • Wraps slightly fatter than original PU-based Gecko Grip
  • Ideal for wet, muddy, high humidity conditions and rough surfaces
  • Embossed logo on one edge, so you can wrap logo-out or logo-in
  • Arundel tip: pull 4" to end of tape taut to break the paper cover of the adhesive tape, as many people find if they peel from the end, it pulls up the adhesive
  • Two 2200mm rolls with end caps, finishing tape, 2 cut sections for levers
  • Colors: Black, White
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