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The popularity of the Dave-O bottle cage design led Arundel to consider offering a less expensive version of the carbon fiber model. The key was that this value cage had to perform at an exceptionally high level, but still be truly affordable. As a medium, plastic made sense. It could inexpensively mimic the shape of the Dave-O, and generally function pretty well. But that wasn't good enough. Plastic can be brittle and has a short fatigue life, especially with wall thicknesses that would allow Arundel to keep the weight under fifty grams per cage. The solution was reinforcing the plastic with Nylon, which delivered the strength, resilience, and impact resistance the designers required. Hence the Arundel Sport Bottle Cage was created.

Due to the differing capabilities and characteristics of carbon fiber and Nylon-reinforced plastic, the Sport maintains the essential shape of the Dave-O, but has slightly larger material sections and overall profile. The result is a terrific, inexpensive bottle cage that maintains excellent bottle grip, easy release and insertion, and is both durable and reliable. The material and design allowed Arundel to provide two sets of mounting holes for ideal installation. They even provided the low-profile mounting bolts you need for optimum usage. The Sport Bottle Cage is true to Arundel's ethos, and we highly recommend this cage to anyone who asks for an affordable cage. After only a few rides, most buyers know that the design and value of this cage far exceeds what it cost. Imagine what one will think five or ten years!

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  • High quality, Nylon-reinforced construction
  • Shape and profile derives from the benchmark Dave-O design
  • Durable and reliable, with exceptional bottle grip, easy release and insertion
  • Superb value in multiple color options
  • Weight: 47 grams
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