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Arundel is known for it's terrific carbon fiber bottle cages, especially the Dave-O model. But the company, just like Excel Sports, has traditional influences. To satiate these traditionalists, Arundel developed the Stainless Bottle Cage, but in order to overcome the limitations of most classic metal cages, they gave theirs the Dave-O shape. Now we are talking.

The graceful, yet purpose designed shape of the Dave-O has been executed in 4.2mm diameter stainless steel tubing. The inherent properties of the steel, and the elegant curving shape, ensure that this metal cage meets the bottle holding grip and resiliency that Arundel requires of it's cages. The looped tubing is welded to a stamped piece of stainless steel that forms the cage spine. To truly set this beauty apart, the finished cage is polished to a brilliant shine that accentuates the overall effect, but also ensures your bottles won't be marred by the metal surface. The Arundel Stainless not only looks classic, but is incredibly classy, while performing at a high level. While the temptation may be to simply mount this cage on your immaculate De Rosa SLX, this cage can handle the rigors of mountain biking, cyclocross training, or dress up any road bike.

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  • Beautiful and fully functional stainless steel cage for standard water bottles
  • Traditional metal look featuring the curving Dave-O design
  • Looped 4.2 mm polished stainless steel tubing won't mar bottles
  • Stamped and welded spine plate
  • Exceptional bottle grip and control
  • Durable and resilient construction
  • Weight: 53 grams
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