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The Arundel Uno seat bag is well made and designed for riders who only want to carry the bare minimum. There is enough room for one road tube, a couple standard tire levers, a microflate CO2 head and one cartridge - if you want to carry more, get a larger bag!

The double stitched Velcro straps are simple, yet secure. When the Uno is fastened to the seat rails, the end of the strap is in just the right spot to avoid tearing up your expensive cycling shorts. The Velcro has a long enough contact patch to hold the bag securely. The straps hold the bag against the seat clamp mechanism with a leather patch at the interface that protects the nylon bag from wear and prevent holes. Anyone who has had trouble with seat bags coming apart or wearing your shorts should give the Arundel a try.

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  • Durable construction
  • Leather reinforced
  • Double sewn straps
  • Fits one road tube
  • 4.5" x 3" x 1.25"
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