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Wraptor Wrap features a dual-layer construction with a polyurethane rubber outer layer, offering exceptional grip and handling. Beneath this, there is a foam layer which is engineered to absorb road shock, enhancing comfort during rides.

In addition to its comfort-enhancing features, Wraptor Wrap stands out for its durability. Unlike other common handlebar tapes, it resists stretching, ensuring it remains effective and intact over extended periods and through various conditions. The tape performs excellently in both wet and dry conditions. Its design includes strategically offset Arundel logos, providing the flexibility to either showcase or conceal them based on personal preference. The tape weighs 91 grams and has a thickness of 3.3mm, striking a balance between lightweight design and robust performance.

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  • Dual-layer construction with polyurethane rubber outer layer for superior grip
  • Internal foam to absorb road shock and enhance comfort
  • Durable and stretch-resistant for long-term use
  • Effective in both wet and dry conditions
  • Offset Arundel logos for added grip
  • 3.3mm thickness
  • 91g per roll
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