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We recommend using Assos Active Wear Cleanser for all of your cycling apparel. It was designed for cleaning lightweight technical fabrics, without causing them damage or harm through caustic cleaning agents. Think of it this way, regular detergents are made for cleaning everyday outerwear, like removing tough stains or food debris from shirts and jeans. These off-the-shelf chemical detergent and it's cleaning agents end up being far too aggressive for lighter duty cycling wear.

When possible cycling wear should be separated from the rest of your laundry, cleaned on the hand wash or delicate cycle with Active Wear Cleanser, then hung dry. Using this cleanser will add many more miles out of you technical cycling wear. Choose from 300ml or 1L sizes. Return to Top


  • Choose from 300ml or 1L size
  • Maintains investment in quality clothing
  • Designed specifically for cycling clothing
  • Enhances breathability of textiles and maintains sharp colors

Active Wear Cleanser is delicate on elastic fibers, pH neutral, neutralizes odors, enhances breathability of textiles and maintains sharp color sublimation.

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