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Born from WorldTour testing and feedback, the Equipe RS Alleycat Clima Capsule Targa Jacket is engineered primarily for racing and training missions in nasty weather, where variable light conditions, fast descents, and drastic shifts in temperature are a given. This is the second version of the the Alleycat Clima Capsule, building off the success of the original but with fabric upgrades The development evolution of the piece is interesting. It began life by taking the Assos Equipe RS gilet and adding full-length Push Pull sleeves. WorldTour riders found success with the design and Assos further developed it to where it is now. This is restricting, aeroFit pieces, which is even closer in fit and design than the racingFit garments, and is not all that comfortable to stand-up straight in, but feels perfect when in an aggressive riding posture, with zero flapping material and as sleek a windface as is feasible in a lightweight protection grade garment.

Extreme conditions call for radical departures from tradition, so Assos tore up the rules for rain jackets and reassembled the parts in a hybrid design that addresses the needs of specific body locations in the mercurial weather of spring racing, fall maintenance, and winter training. The reflective, breathable upper panel repels water and wind and flashes reflectivity to keep you seen on overcast days. The lighter lower panels promote breathability to regulate temperatures and the sleeves, collar, and side panels boost stretch to preserve the signature ASSOS fit. The Capsule features a proper race fit, but layers perfectly over your Equipe RS 2/3 and 3/3 seasonal equipment. Finishing details include a raw-cut hem for further weight reduction, and the glove-friendly two-way zipper lets you ventilate from the bottom while maintaining a tight seal up top.

The Alleycat capsule is engineered primarily for racing and training missions in nasty weather, where variable light conditions, fast descents, and drastic shifts in temperature are a given. The upper half is now constructed using a new proprietary Assos Silver Storm fabric, which features a windproof, water-repellent 2-layer makeup. This unique silver membrane is made with microscopic spherical particles that reflect light, ensuring you “light up” when vehicles’ headlights make contact with you in low-light conditions. The new version offers even more stretch for better fit, comfort, and aerodynamics. The lower front and back panels are made using a new woven textile to prevent overheating, while the forearms, side panels, and tall collar are constructed with flexible jersey-proven Push Pull material to give you a little added 2-way stretch and freedom of movement. The lower body and back panels use an ultralight and water-repellent fabric named Yubari that's incredibly soft and silent even when you're travelling at speed. It's used to not only keep the elements out but it's also great at regulating your temperature when effort levels take a steep upward curve. The fabric was already darn light, but this light Yubari improves the balance between the upper and lower sections of the front frontal zone. Should you need to boost airflow the two-way Double Slider zipper can be unzipped from the bottom, keeping your chest covered while still boosting ventilation. Return to Top


  • Upgraded lightweight protection shell, engineered primarily for racing and training missions in nasty weather, where variable light conditions, fast descents, and drastic shifts in temperature are a given
  • The Assos aeroFit is their trimmest, speed-focused fit that’s tighter and more compressive than their racingFit
  • Will feel restrictive out of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding
  • Minimal piece designed with nothing extra so that it is as light as possible
  • No pockets, no gripper, and no elastic of any kind
  • A bevy of Assos fabric and construction systems ensures this light protection grade piece functions and fits exactly as it has been designed
  • New Silver Storm is a lightweight, packable 2L textile consisting of a thin mesh bonded to a hydrophilic membrane infused with highly reflective glass microbeads; it is much like the Silver Haze predecessor but offers more stretch for better second-skin effect fit
  • The windproof, water-repellent fabric helps regulate body temperature in changing conditions
  • Lightweight Yubari textile is used for the lower front and back panels; it is an an ultralight, water-repellent, woven fabric that’s extremely thin, soft and silent
  • Push Pull textile warp-knit textile with high UV protection (UPF 50+) provides the required stretch for a clean, tight fit
  • Push Pull is used for forearms, side panels, and collar; highly breathable, this fine gauge knit with bi-stretch is quick drying and very comfortable
  • Dual-Layer Collar Construction design ensures added protection, comfort, and freedom of movement at this vulnerable area
  • Hem is Raw Cut, creating a smooth, aerodynamic design that seamlessly pairs with additional layers
  • Double-Slider Zipper allows the rider to ventilate from the top or bottom with ease
  • Zipper has robust construction with oversized pull tabs for intuitive, glove-friendly operation
  • Reflective Strips of wide, perforated reflective material run vertically down the back to boost visibility
  • Materials: 53% Polyamide, 35% Polyester, 12% Elastane
  • Note: Highly restrictive Assos aeroFit!
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Color: Black (w/reflex silver)
  • Weight: 144 grams (Large)
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