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The Equipe RSR S9 Targa Bib Short from Assos, like it's current RS sibling, has been completely re-engineered with the Targa-level treatment. While there are some minimal sewing and construction differences, the RSR and RS share a design and overall function, but the RSR features a lighter weight main fabric, as well as some other textile differences leading to improvements in both stretch and support, with targeted compression where it's needed most, reduced pressure in sensitive areas and dialed in aerodynamics to maximize your cycling experience. The even faster-drying fabrics also limit the capacity to add weight from sweat soaking into the textile.

This Equipe RSR S9 Targa Bib Short is built with the AEPD aeroFit & racingFit concept- with a natural second-skin feel, which is only truly comfortable when you are on the bike in your normative riding position. The main body/short section features Assos Type.701kompressor, proprietary woven textile that has impressive compression qualities due to more Lycra in the blend, making it optimal for large muscle group support, which can increase bloodflow, and limits overall fatigue. It is defined by the compressive capacity, as well as friction-free comfort, abrasion resistance, and UPF50+ protection that also adds active surface cooling and odor protection. This fabric also delivers real performance from a sleek, pro race-level functionality that delivers all day long. no matter the effort level. It is highly breathable, keeping you cooler and drier throughout your ride. To this main fabric, the design team also incorporated a panel of Ossidia material across the lower abdomen, adding stretch to better accommodate aggressive bike positions, expand with deep breathing during hard efforts, and relieve pressure for taller cyclists seeking an aerodynamic, second-skin fit. In keeping with a more aero effect overall, the RSR S9 also features longer leg length than the RS-series bibs.

The bib upper is visually just a couple of flat straps that crossover in the rear- except it is not simple at all. It starts with improved Carbon XBib straps with a new Dual-face Carbon material that is now lighter, quicker drying, both with improvement over the previous single-sided design, and work perfectly in the supportive A-Lock frame with specially tuned elasticity. The A-Lock Engineering system combines Assos rollBar bib straps, modified ergoBox connecting panel, and one-piece Butterfly panel to give you shorts that completely integrate with the straps to fit and perform beautifully no matter what. Whether it's high-intensity bursts of speed or long endurance efforts, this engineered design maintains superb stability as you shift weight in and out of the saddle. The unique Assos 'butterfly' panel design snugly wraps the legs and back to create the ergoBox structure. This holds the Sundeck S9 Insert seatpad securely in place for an incredible feeling of support and comfort throughout your pedal stroke and when you're shifting weight on the saddle. The garment works with you, no matter the physical requirements, with all areas complementing or connecting the other to optimize your movement and comfort.

Taking their already super-comfortable S9 insert, Assos have made improvements to make it lighter, cooler and minimize its footprint, all to enhance comfort still further. The first improvement is what Assos refers to as the Sundeck Superlight. This is a luxuriously soft front panel that increases airflow while eliminating pressure in this most sensitive area. Combining that with the new whirlKrater system, which builds off the kraterCooler design but incorporates more airflow from the sides, as well as the frontal area. This set-up is all about airflow, with numerous perforations added throughout the insert, creating a whirlwind of cooling airflow around your most sensitive area. Of course you also get the odor-resistant top sheet for all-day freshness and absolute minimal friction. The 9mm of superAir microShock shock-absorbing foam is just about perfect, supporting you, delivering comfort, and reducing road vibration at point of contact. The 3L 3D Waffle inserts keep overall bulk low and create air circulation within the pad layers- again to keep you cool and dry out the insert continuously. By using a Thermoformed shaping process, Assos reduces edges and transition ridges to drastically reduce the chances of friction and subsequent irritation. Ultimately the pad still needs to connect to the short section, and here Assos employees their goldenGate process. The unique stitching pattern allows the insert to 'float' allowing the pad to move with you for optimal comfort. It is tacked down to the front and rear, but reacts with your body, staying in place where you want it without a restrictive feel even when aggressively climbing or chasing out of the saddle.

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  • Targa-series foundational redesign of the premium grade RSR S9 race-level bibshort that makes it lighter, more supportive, comfortable with greater moisture transfer
  • Process increased performance and comfort, while shedding unnecessary bulk and grams
  • AEPD fit system: aeroFit/racingFit, engineered for comfort, flexibility, aerodynamics and pure second-skin performance with longer leg length than the RS-series bibs
  • The signature Assos “click fit” is the result of obsessing over the cut of each panel, seam placement, type of stitch, weight of fabric, and direction of textile elasticity
  • Entire piece is lightweight, highly breathable, and features moderate compression
  • Dependable stability, full-day support demanded by toughest races
  • Type.701kompressor patented woven textile developed specifically for compressive hold and second-skin comfort
  • This main fabric is rated at UPF 50+; and features dyed-through yarns with infused odorControl, maximum abrasion-resistance, friction reduction, hydrophobic fibers, and improved overall heat management
  • Ossidia panel insert was added for targeted stretch in sensitive areas; features support with reduced direct pressure on the lower abdominal, allows for easier diaphragmatic breathing
  • Modified Ergobox panel construction frames pad insert to the rear, for added stability
  • Improved Carbon XBib strap with Dual-face Carbon material is now quicker drying, an improvement upon the previous single-sided design, in the supportive A-Lock frame with tuned elasticity
  • External Rollbar bib-strap bracing design secures the insert and upper short
  • Single fabric panel on lower back/legs delivers consistent hold, lower weight
  • skinGrip compressive laser cut leg bands with silicone grip dots keep the cuffs and leg panels secure with very mild pressure
  • S9 Sundeck chamois pad is incredibly light, with more ventilation and soft feel: ventilated superAir microShock foam 9mm, 3D Waffle topsheet, whirlKrater ventilation, goldenGate chamois support and movement freedom system, S9 antibacterial microfiber booster top sheet of pad insert
  • Materials: 68% Polyamide, 26% Elastane, 6% Polyester
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Colors: Black, Flamme D'or
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