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The Mille GT platform is a designed for training and endurance cycling, as well as those cyclists who don't enjoy the most restricted raceFit options. Bibs aren’t for everyone, but their absence compounds the difficulty of dialing the perfect ride-tuned fit with good retention and a relaxed enough waist zone to allow for deep diaphragmatic breathing when you need it most. The design team at Assos solved this with the bib-free zeroPressure waist. This solution embodies the Assos C2 AEPD click-fit ethos with a secure hold on the sides and back, and a panel insert on the front stretches to accommodate aggressive positioning on the bike and deep breathing during the hardest efforts. The updated pad insert has inherited increased ventilation from premium models, with an additional 3mm thickness to increase long-ride comfort and support.

Fabric-wise, the textile is Assos Type.429. Largely polyamide, which doesn't hold moisture, is durable, and when blended with Lycra (elastane), adds just the right amount of stretch, return, and compression. It is then flexible enough for streamlined, compressive fit and great support; with high breathability, despite being durable to everyday rides that add up to serious annual mileage. The final element is the Mille GT C2 pad insert, which delivers exceptional comfort and support with breathability and Assos construction technologies that make it truly special. The thermoformed 11mm thick superAir microShock foam takes the edge of indoors or out, and is very light weight. The designers use their 3D Waffle 3L insert to allow for more airflow and greater comfort, and that is now complemented by the goldenGate support zone that allows the insert to move with rider, somewhat independent of the short fabric.

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  • Bib-free training and endurance cycling short that’s at home on the road or aboard the indoor trainer
  • Type.429 fabric is flexible enough for streamlined, compressive fit and great support; with high breathability, despite being durable to everyday rides that add up to serious annual mileage
  • C2 AEPD regularFit based on race performance models but tuned for comfort with zeroPressure waist system
  • zeroPressure Waist is an elastic waist system that reduces sag and ensures stretch-and-return for proper fit, hold and overall comfort without added restrictive pressure
  • ultraLight leg grippers feature 6cm depth, integrating Lycra with woven silicone grip
  • MILLE GT C2 chamois pad is supportive, comfortable, hypo allergenic, and highly breathable
    • Chamois tech: superAir microShock foam/11mm, 3D Waffle 3L perforated, goldenGate chamois support and movement freedom system
    • Thermoformed shaping of the foam reduces ridges, irritation; odor-resistant top sheet ensures freshness
  • Inseam: 9.5" (Medium)
  • Materials: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Color: blackSeries
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