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For the EVO version of the Assos Winter Glove, the designers replaced the microfiber palm, and added a new thermal, breathable, water-repellent textile. This updated material provides optimal grip, finger dexterity, and bar feel while eliminating the tendency of microfiber to absorb moisture, be it sweat or frigid road spray. This material is a lower protection level than the UltraZ glove, which covers even colder days and more extreme conditions. The palm padding pattern and adjustment also aligns with the padding system on the Assos summer and shoulder-season gloves, creating a uniform sense of support zone comfort year-round.

For cold wet or dry winter riding, you need a reliable, perfectly fitted cycling glove that blocks wind and water while keeping you warm and in control of your bike. The Assos Winter EVO Glove is a reasonable and highly effective choice down to about 32°F in any weather conditions. All the features and functional design are here, including the anatomic "no wrinkle" construction that creates a 3D curved structure, made possible using three separate textiles and four panels.

This new Winter glove iteration from Assos brings moderate insulation, added protection, and extended coverage to your cold winter rides. A proprietary blocking textile is used on the forward facing zones. This mid-weight hydrophilic insulating softshell contours to your hand to deliver high levels of protection against wet weather and icy air. In other words, your digits remain toasty regardless of what's happening with the weather on the opposing side. Low in volume, these gloves feature extended cuffs that create a further barrier at the critical jacket-to-glove intersection, touch-screen fingertips, targeted palm padding, and easy Assos climaCode identification.

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  • Updated Winter rated glove that brings more insulation, added protection, coverage, grip
  • High levels of protection against wet weather and icy air
  • Incredible lightweight and limited bulk for the protection and insulation levels
  • Fully functional with anatomic fit for smooth bar/control interaction, control
  • Pull-on design with stretchy, extended seamless cuffs that eliminates any coverage gap between sleeve and glove
  • Anatomic "no wrinkle" construction creates a 3D curved structure, made possible using three separate textiles and four panels
  • Hydrophilic softshell material blocks wind, designed to retain warmth and provide great breathability at moderate weight with low bulk
  • Updated lightweight, soft Microfiber palm material that promotes grip; protects, supports
  • New strategically positioned padding flex with hand to eliminate hot spots, bunching
  • Touch screen compatible- thumb and index finger tips
  • climaCode: 3/3
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Color: blackSeries
  • Weight: 66 grams (Large)
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