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Campagnolo's road disc brake system is smooth and reliable, and as with nay other system the disc rotors were designed for the caliper/pad combination as well as for the universal requirement of reducing heat build-up under heavy use. The sculpted alloy spider of the Campagnolo Disc Brake Rotor offers exceptional stiffness at a low weight. It features the Axial Fixing System (AFS) / Center Lock spline system for precise and simple installation and removal.

The spider reaches out the the machined steel braking surface. The rivets that connect the two are placed far enough from the braking surface so they won't retain heat. Directional slots in the surface reduce heat build up while increasing friction, consistent, superior braking. With the UCI in mind, the edges of the rotor are rounded to reduce the risk of injury in a crash situation. Campagnolo's 12-speed groups that use hydraulic disc allow for 140 or 160mm rotors at the rear wheel, and 160mm for the front, so both options are available here.

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  • One piece Aluminum/Steel disc brake rotor assembly for Campagnolo road disc braking system
  • Lightweight, stiff sculpted aluminum spider features AFS/Center Lock mount
  • Outer steel braking surface is riveted to spider far enough from pad contact zone to eliminate a heat riser at the rivet
  • Machined, directional slots reduce heat, increase friction and power
  • Available sizes: 140mm, 160mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 99 grams (140mm)
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