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The hydraulic disc brake system from Campagnolo is renowned for its effective performance in all conditions, delivering powerful and consistent braking in both wet and dry environments. The same pad design and material are used across both 11-speed and 12-speed disc groupsets, featuring a resin compound ideal for heat management, uniform wear, and the precise feel that road cyclists need, particularly on extended descents. Additionally, the DB-410 hydraulic disc brake pads with spring are designed to operate quietly, regardless of the weather conditions.

These pads incorporate a steel backing plate for necessary stiffness, contributing to one of Campagnolo's most innovative features: the magnetic pad retraction system. Unlike a traditional spring system, this setup uses magnets in the caliper body. When brake lever pressure decreases or is released, the phenolic resin pistons retract, and the magnets smoothly pull the pads away from the rotor. Each set of replacement pads includes the pads and the central guide pin assembly. Formulated specifically for road use, these resin pads perform consistently in wet conditions and are optimized for use with Campagnolo's vented disc rotor, ensuring long-lasting wear, optimal power, and effective modulation.

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  • Powerful, consistent braking in wet and dry conditions with Campagnolo's hydraulic disc brake system.
  • Uniform pad design for both 11-speed and 12-speed groupsets, featuring heat-managing resin compound.
  • DB-410 hydraulic disc brake pads ensure quiet operation and are effective in all weather conditions.
  • Innovative magnetic pad retraction system for smooth disengagement from the rotor.
  • Resin pads optimized for road use, compatible with Campagnolo's vented disc rotors for longevity and performance.
  • Compatible with: Campagnolo H11, Chorus 12-Speed, Record 12-Speed and Super Record 12-Speed Disc Brake Calipers
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