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One major feature of the Campagnolo EKAR 13-speed gravel focused groupset is the option for a quicklink style chain link. This isn't revolutionary outside of Campagnolo, but the engineers in Vicenza, Italy have simply believed a properly driven and peened chain pin is the safest, best way to connect a chain. So having a C-Link for the EKAR 13 speed chain is a major change.

The 13-speed C-Link is made with the same high tensile strength C67 NiCrMo2 steel and Nickel surface treatment as the outer links of the EKAR chain. You simply need to use an approved chain tool for C13 use to cut the full length chain to your needed length, then use the reusable C-Link like any other quicklink-style system. You do not need the new 13-speed Campagnolo chaintool, just one approved for driving a C13 pin out. We recommend only reusing the link once after initial install, and always use a new C-Link (not a worn one), when installing a new EKAR 13 chain.

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  • Quicklink-style C-Link only for 13-speed Campagnolo EKAR chains
  • Can be reused, but recommend only reusing once post initial install
  • Plates made with high tensile strength C67 NiCrMo2 steel; Nickel surface treatment
  • The EKAR 13-speed chain is 4.9mm wide
  • To drive out pin to remove C13 links, you need a 13-speed approved chain tool
  • It is not necessary to use the Campagnolo 13 chain tool unless driving in a new pin and peening it
  • Sold as one, 2-piece C-Link
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