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Campagnolo's Power Unit has updated for the EPS V4 12-Speed system. Its fairly slender shape makes it internally compatible with virtually all the seatposts on the market with one of the two (27.2nn, 31.6 mm) included adaptors. Capable of delivering electronic shifting over 1000 miles of riding, it adds a 10% increase over the previous generation in charge capacity. Tested and guaranteed for over 500 charges, this is a power unit that will easily outlast your frameset.

The battery pack and circuit board of the V4 Power Unit are in a sealed unit measuring 259 mm in length and just 16.6 mm in diameter. The front and rear derailleur wiring cables are integrated with the lower portion of the unit, and long enough for both seatpost and downtube/seattube applications for virtually all road framesets. You will need add other wires and the DTI unit to complete the EPS V4 wiring system. Campagnolo sells all of the various battery adaptors separately. There are two sizes for an internal seatpost set-up, 27.2-31.6mm, and a 32mm option. If you aren't able or willing to use the unit in the seatpost, and an external adaptor is available for the seattube or downtube that allows the V4 Power Unit to be fitted using the water-bottle cage fasteners.

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  • The EPS V4 12-Speed Power Unit is the heart and brain of the EPS drivetrain
  • When combined with the DTI Unit, system is capable of automatically detecting the range and possible problems
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is made with a 3-cell (12-volt) construction
  • Range: approx 1700km (1056mi) on fully charged battery), approx 400km (248.5mi) on 25% battery charge
  • Lab tested and guaranteed to last for over 500 recharges
  • Cable lengths: 1380mm (Interface), 930mm (rear derailleur), 600mm (front derailleur)
  • Waterproof to IP67 international standards (entire EPS system)
  • Dimensions: 259mm long, 16.6mm diameter
  • Includes: battery/electronics w/ integrated wiring as listed
  • Weight: 135 grams (battery w/ integrated cables)
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