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Campagnolo's 11, 12, and EKAR 13 speed groupsets that feature hydraulic disc brake levers and calipers require this Campagnolo-specific Mineral Oil Brake Fluid for proper and safe use, and mechanical integrity of the disc braking system. Use of other mineral oil or DOT fluids will not only void your warranty, but could also result in damage and unsafe components.

If you need to install, service or bleed Campagnolo road disc brakes you will also require the Campy specific DB-100 Bleed Kit, which has the proper fittings for interfacing with your hydraulic disc brake levers and calipers. It is also recommended the DB-010 Oil Level Tool be used as well, so you use only the correct amount of brake fluid. Campagnolo has detailed instructions on their website, and an official video lives online.

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  • Low viscosity mineral oil for Potenza, H11, 12, EKAR 13 road hydraulic disc brakes
  • Withstands high temperatures for road use
  • Does not absorb water and lubricates the whole system,
  • Won't damage your frame or component finish
  • Non-toxic , but we always wear gloves and wipe clean
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to clean up
  • Although made by Magura, this mineral oil has a different spec than Royal Blood
  • Sizes: 50ml, 350ml
  • Fluid color: Blue
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