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While it is true that Campagnolo's chainrings have an excellent reputation for long-term wear, all good things must come to an end. Who can be sad about that? It means you have spent a lot of time on your bike! Campagnolo's second generation 11-speed ran from 2011-2014 and the 5-arm spider was in full effect, with the fifth chainring bolt fastening directly into the back of the crank arm via Campagnolo's hidden bolt system. This employed a long shoulder threaded bolt that passed from through the inner chainring, then an alloy spacer (maintaining the proper gap between the rings), then the large chainring before screwing into the back of the arm. Sound familiar so far? Then you are on the way to replacing your outer chainring.

Campagnolo threw a new feature in the 2011-2014 rings. The other four chainring bolts passed into the recessed hole of the outer ring, through the spider, then threaded directly into the inner chainring. So, as you disassemble your crankset to install your replacement outer ring (or both if that is the case), make sure your inner ring has four threaded holes, backing out the chainring bolts carefully. Remove your hidden bolt last, and don't lose the spacer.

This was the last generation series to use both the 135 BCD standard (for 52-39T or larger), and 110 BCD for compact (50-34T). The chainrings themselves are made from a hardened light weight alloy, sculpted for strength and lateral stiffness, then profiled using the X.P.S.S. (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) optimization. The teeth have been designed to match the chain profile perfectly and catch or release from the ring in up or down shifts with as little friction or hesitation as possible. Upshifts have been made more precise by eight pins in every crank revolution. The black anodized finish adds to the overall durability, as well as fighting corrosive elements and protecting the aluminum alloy from scratches.

Campagnolo still offers the original chainring range that was available in 135 or 110 BCD. Please keep in mind that the 2009-2010 chainrings will not work with the 2011-2014 cranksets, despite sharing the same BCD options.

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  • Replacement outer chainring for 2011-2014 specified 5-arm Campagnolo UT cranksets
  • Performance optimized with X.P.S.S. profiling, 8 upshift sector pins
  • Sculpted alloy ring with black anodizing finish
  • Compatible with 2011-2014 Super Record, Record, Chorus
  • Drive-arm is 5th arm, which requires hidden bolt and spacer
  • Other four arms have only a chainring bolt, the bolt threads into inner chainring after passing through outer ring and spider
  • Campagnolo uses Torx bolts for this application
  • Bolt Circle Diameters: 135 standard double, 110 compact double
  • Chainring sizes: 50T (110), 53T (135)
  • Color: Black
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