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The Shamal-series wheels from Campagnolo have always represented quality and performance at mid-range prices. The new Shamal Carbon Disc Brake Wheelset is built for this broader customer base, with a more accessible price point than the top end Bora, but with every feature necessary to guarantee the maximum performance and style that characterize and exemplify Campagnolo wheels.

The Shamal Carbon is their first carbon wheel dedicated to endurance, fondo-type racing and riding, as well as cyclocross and gravel use. To that end the 2-Way Fit (tubeless or clincher tire compatible) handbuilt wheels feature a 21mm internal channel rim that can accommodate larger tire and ensure the rider maximum comfort on races and long rides. This is balanced with a 28.1mm max external width for optimal speed and aerodynamics with 25-30mm tires, but is still suitable for cyclocross and gravel/adventure tires from 32-45mm. Campagnolo even considers 50mm acceptable, though we'd prefer a wider rim to go to that extreme.

The carbon rims have a unidirectional finish and a differentiated front/rear profile of 35mm | 40mm and modern rounded shape that improves aerodynamics but also adds strength to the disc brake specific design. The taller rear is stiffer and stronger to bear more weight but also to ensure excellent power transfer and and responsiveness. The 35mm front is a little more forgiving, more stable when cornering and in windy conditions. Both wheels employ the visually distinctive but truly functional G3 spoke pattern system with 24 spokes per wheel and is specific to front and rear load, braking and drivetrain requirements. The nipples sit externally for easy truing and these are placed within the sealed carbon rim via the MoMag system using the valve hole.

For the disc brake hubset, a newly designed hub and flange set-up was developed to create the best spoke angles and load distribution. In general terms, the internals are a Record grade, and feature a manually adjustable cup and cone bearing system that is fully serviceable. The oversized alloy axles were designed for 12mm thru-axle use, in this case 12/100 front and 12/142mm rear. Campagnolo has engineered a new freehub body, named N3W (or NEW) which is designed to work with all previously made cassettes and is, in their words, future proof. Interchangeable freehub options for Shimano/SRAM 11 and SRAM XDR are also available.

These wheels are designed to ensure extreme performance, comfort and versatility for cyclists, and at a listed 1585 grams for the set, the weight is more than competitive for the price point and category. Campagnolo's construction of the whole wheel, engineered by considering every single component as part of a system, makes the Shamal Carbon Disc Brake Wheelset optimally designed for the intended uses with superior performance and ride quality.

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  • Handbuilt, system engineered carbon disc brake wheelset for road, gravel, adventure and cyclocross
  • Campy 2-Way fit designation for tubeless or clincher tire use
  • Tire width range: 25-30mm for optimized aero road, 32-50mm for cross/gravel/adventure tires
  • Sealed disc brake only rim design only requires tubeless valve for tubeless use- no tape
  • Width: 21mm Internal | External 28.1mm (slightly rounded shape places max width away from lip)
  • Profile: 40mm rear to optimize power transfer, responsiveness | 35mm front for best control, rideability
  • Front/Rear: 24 slim steel circular-section spokes, grouped according to the G3 system specific lacing for F/R
  • Disc hubset: Black aluminum monolithic hub body, cup and cone adjustable bearing system, lightweight alloy axle for thru-axle use at 12/100mm front, 12/142mm rear, Center Lock style rotor mount
  • Includes: 50mm tubeless valves, reducer bushing for tube valve, external notch rotor lockrings
  • Freehub: Campagnolo N3W (comes with adapter for use with all Campagnolo cassettes
  • Finish: Dark Label
  • Weight: 1585 grams (set)
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