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The Campagnolo 12-Speed road drivetrain requires the use of Campagnolo's 12-speed chain. Any other chain voids the warranty of the products. Likewise, the only way to join the ends of the 5.15mm chain, either new out of the box, or when re-sizing, is by using this UltraLink CN-SR600 pin (also referred to as a "union bushing"). Visually distinct from the two-color 11-speed pin, the CN-SR600 pin is shiny all over and can only be used with 12-speed chains.

As with the chain, Campagnolo also requires use of their UT-CN300 Chain Tool, which is not only used to break chains properly, but also to drive and peen the pin precisely. This exacting process becomes even more crucial with flush pin design of the 5.15mm chain. The UT-CN300 Chain Tool has a specially designed, ultra precise, tapered tip end the driving pin on the tool. In fact, Campagnolo claims that if this drive pin is at all damaged it should be immediately replaced with the UT-CN301 Spare Pin. Needless to say your Campagnolo 12-Speed chain will come with highly specific instructions, and if for some reason you don't have them, Campagnolo has the PDF on their website. If you do not have the correct tool and informed experience, take your bike and chain/pin to you nearest Campagnolo Service Center or trusted mechanic for installation.

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  • 12-Speed Campagnolo chain pin for 5.15mm Campagnolo chains
  • Must be installed and peened with Campagnolo CN-UT300 Chain Tool
  • Failing to follow correct procedure while using CN-UT300 voids warranty
  • Campagnolo refers to this part as UltraLink CN-SR600 pin or union bushing
  • Distinct from 11-speed two-color by it's single, shiny steel color
  • Sold as 1 replacement pin
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