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The Campagnolo UT-BB110 is a factory designed tool for installation and removal of 10mm Ultra-Torque axle fixing bolts. The bolt that fastens the split crank spindle of any Ultra-Torque crankset, which rests in the middle of the axle, is also located dead center of the bottom bracket. Impossible to reach with a standard 10mm hex wrench, this tool acts as a simple extension. The clever design permits use with existing wrenches or 3/8" ratchet without compromise. This shop quality tool is constructed of sturdy heat treated steel.

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  • Campagnolo factory tool for Ultra-Torque crankset service
  • Long reach bolt allows access to 10mm axle fixing bolt
  • Easy removal or installation of axle fixing bolts
  • 3/8" drive square located at top of tool
  • Hardened steel construction
  • Campagnolo part: UT-BB110
  • Made in Italy
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