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Clothing Shorts - Mens

Castelli Endurance 3 Shorts

A Castelli favorite, Endurance Bib Short in it's 3rd generation now has modified mesh bib upper and short sections , improving on the previous design. If you look for certain descriptive buzz words in cycling apparel products, it helps you better understand the design and purpose of the particular garment. In this case, when words like endurance or long distance are used in a short, it generally means they are going to be built with less compression for a less restrictive feel. In some cases, it will also mean the cut will be slightly larger to accommodate a bigger body type. All of the latter is true with the Endurance 3 Short. Castelli was wise enough to add enough elasticity so they fit just about everyone, not just larger riders. Add the best seat pad that Castelli produces and bring the price in at under $140 and you can see why it is one our best-selling short options.

The Endurance 3 is a multi-panels construction, anatomically cut and sewn to complement body movement and muscle function; made from Endurance Evolution fabric. This compressive, but less restrictive fabric offers a good blend of muscle compression and comfort with an evolved, smooth short section and transition to the leg gripper. It also provides excellent moisture control through push-pull perspiration wicking. The leg grippers are Castelli's proven Giro3 design and give a natural feeling extension and termination of the garment on your thighs. The Giro3 gripper manages to stay attached to your thigh without binding or applying too much pressure. A wider, flatter waistband with partial elastic band that maintains hold, but doesn't restrict or bite.

These shorts are finished off with the updated Progetto X2 Seamless insert. This elastic insert features a two-piece construction that has no seams. The first piece is the base. This is the working part of the chamois which has three air cooled padded zones that are located at your sit bones and soft tissue area and is sculpted for an anatomic fit. The second is a skin care layer that is bacteriostatic, soft and seamless to prevent chafing. When you combine these two parts into one unified chamois, you get one of the best cycling inserts ever produced. Due to the construction of the insert, you can literally pin the chamois into the short structure prior to stitching for a perfect, non-wrinkled fit.


  • 3rd gen cycling short with excellent value and performance- ideal for everyday and mileage cyclists
  • Endurance Evolution fabric provides optimum muscle support and feels drier in nearly all conditions
  • Compression side panels in short for muscle support, now smooth with new gripper transition
  • Wider, flatter waistband with partial elastic band that maintains hold, but doesn't restrict or bite
  • Progetto X2 Seamless seat pad
  • Giro3 leg grippers are large, flat and distribute pressure evenly over a wider area for a comfortable hold
  • Rear reflective tabs
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 186 grams (Medium)
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