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Castelli has improved their top quality summer race-level sock design. Socks come in many styles, cuff heights, and fabric blends and the Castelli Superleggera T 12 is one that places a premium on hot weather performance counterbalanced by comfort and features that pro cyclists desire, but with an older school mid cuff height. The major improvement in the T12 version is the change to a 200-needle construction for the cuff section and the top of the foot. This set-up allowed for more natural and supportive stretch without feeling loose. The heart of the sock is still an innovative nylon yarn containing silver micro-particles that reduce unpleasant odors. Meryl® Skinlife yarn is soft and lightweight. It is hypoallergenic, and works to maintain the natural balance of the skin. The yarn guarantees maximum comfort and performances, which is why it has become one of the most demanded yarns in premium grade sport-specific socks. The yarn also allows for incredible knits and structures. Hence the defining feature of the Superleggera T12 Sock: the ultralight diaphanous mesh ankle zones that support and comfort, while allowing cooling airflow.

The 12cm cuff is not tall by modern standards, but is just about where traditional cycling socks would hit. It is a nice height that offers some crucial support and a super clean fit that some people favor over a taller verison. A center standard knit runs up the Achilles for added mild compression. While each zone of the Superleggera T 12 employs a different knit and overall fabric weight based on requirements, all feature the Skinlife yarns. A midfoot support band adds some arch support and carry the Castelli wordmark vertical logo, while a reinforced heel and forefoot are joined for greater overall cushion. The top mesh fabric sits above the foot using the same construction as new cuff creation, and below the midfoot support. The cuff band is flat and offers great hold. If you like cool socks, or have the sensitivity to assess how well a sock performs as you extend your efforts, you will appreciate the Superleggera T 12.

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  • Updated, super thin, mid height performance cycling sock with moderate cuff height with greater overall stretch
  • 200-needle construction for extra stretch on top of foot and up the entire cuff
  • Meryl® Skinlife nylon yarns are used for premium feel and function; hypoallergenic
  • Ultralight diaphanous mesh ankle with distinct structure, feel, air flow
  • Midfoot support band, slightly cushioned base from toe to heel
  • Mesh top zone allows heat and moisture to release- now connects to cuff zone
  • Yarns offer incredible wicking and soft feel overall
  • Reinforced heel and toe zones with smooth transitions
  • Cuff height: 12cm
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
  • Colors: White, Black, Red, Azzurro Italia, Savile Blue
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