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The AB08 Carbon Handlebar is designed strictly for the proprietary stem-bar configuration used on the 2019-present Cervelo S5. This system will not work with any other frameset or stem. Cervelo supplies their dealers with spacers and shims that allow for angle and height adjustments for the AB08.

Cervelo's application for integrated aerodynamics and overall race-level performance as exhibited by the S5 drove the development of the frame, fork, and front cockpit module. The cockpit items are not truly integrated, allowing for modular changes to the "stem" extension length and bar width, though once the fully internal wiring and housing process has been completed, the entire system must be disconnected to change out the cockpit components. Technically this should only be performed by a Cervelo dealer.

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  • Aero carbon handlebar module developed for use in the Cervelo S5 cockpit (2019-present
  • Lightweight, stiff aero shape bar with requires internal routing and mounting points for v-shaped S5 stem extensions
  • Can only be used in this modular configuration
  • Widths: 40, 42, 44 cm (C-C)
  • Finish: Matte carbon

Please contact us with questions or other Cervelo S5 cockpit needs: sales@excelsports.com or 800.627.6664

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