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Small Parts Seatpost

Many of Cervelo's aerodynamic bicycles have come with a sleek seatpost design that requires a special clamping unit for it's round sockets. This item is the rail clamping unit. The Cervelo Seatpost Head is then a slight misnomer. The narrow aero carbon posts generally feature two effective seat angle positions, which means the clamp head is somewhat universal and is easily moved from one to the other via single, two-piece bolt. The clamp itself is aluminum, with a serrated insert that, when then unit fastened, prevents angle slippage. The serrations are fine enough for any final saddle angle.

There are two primary options. One is designed for oversized oval carbon saddle rails, while the other is for 7mm round rails. One note on proper torque for safe installation. The 12Nm max torque specification can only be attained using a torque wrench on the insertion side of the two-piece bolt. You must use Hex key on the receiving side as well to achieve the correct torque.

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  • Seatpost head saddle rail clamping system for specific Cervelo aero seatposts
  • Aluminum construction with cromoly steel bolt, steel serrated friction plate
  • Bolt is two-piece- male and female, both with Hex key fitments for proper torque
  • Max torque spec: 12Nm
  • Options: Standard rails, oversized Carbon rails
  • Color: Black
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