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Continental refers to the tubular Competition tire as The Professional's Choice. Yes, the Competition is light, has terrific feel, grip, and control. But what makes it special, and crucial to the rigors of pro cycling, is the Vectran protection belt that fights punctures and impacts to prevent time and energy consuming tire changes. In order to compete for the win, you have to be in the race.

The supple, perfectly round casing is constructed of 3 bonded plys of tightly woven 180 tpi poly-cotton. It gives the tire a resilient ride that is consistent while cornering. The material is strong and resistant to wear and tear.The tread is made from Conti's BlackChili compound. It is derived directly from Moto GP racing and offers lots of high-end technology. With proprietary synthetic and natural rubber compounds, the secret to the properties of BlackChili comes from special nanometric carbon soot particles, which are optimized in shape and surface properties for each tire it is used in.These small particles also form a tighter bond with each other improving compound, longevity, and shear strength. Thanks to these polymers and carbon fillers, BlackChili delivers some of the strongest and most durable tread available, as well as having the least amount of rolling resistance and reducing the risk of small punctures.

Under this high-tech tread, Conti has placed a strip of Vectran which provides exceptional puncture resistance. It is essentially a protective belt made of super strong and extremely lightweight, pliable material. With the Competition, the belt covers a little more of the rounded sides of the tire, which helps keep the feel consistent, but also extends this extra protection beyond the center tread.

The Competition is offered in 19mm, 22mm, or 25mm widths in the 700c option. A 650c x 19mm is also available. You can run the 19mm for TT and speed events and 22mm for most criteriums and road races or mix them. 19mm front and a 22mm rear has also been commonly run as a combination for slight weight reduction and added aerodynamics, though with framesets built for narrower tires. . The 25mm is not onl the choice for rough roads and is a the tire Conti sponsored teams have selected for the Spring Classics, but now with new wider rims and frame designs, the 25mm is also pretty much an every day option with those set-ups. The extra volume and high protection level smooth out the ride, reduce rolling resistance and can be more aero. You should expect this pro-level tubular tire to meet and exceed your expectations. Conti surely expects you to get mileage and satisfaction. Small wear levels indicators have been molded into the tread to measure wear.

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  • Supple, perfectly round, 3 ply 180 tpi casing for this tubular racing tire
  • BlackChili compound delivers very low rolling resistance, durability, excellent grip
  • Soft, woven, wide Vectran Breaker belt for incredible puncture defense
  • Knurled/cross hatch tread pattern maximizes BlackChili for wet weather grip
  • Removable valve cores allow you to extend as needed, easy access for sealant
  • Size/Weight: 700x19 230g, 700x22 250g, 700x28 280g, 650x19 215g
  • psi range: 700x19- 145-170, 700x22 & 25- 115-170, 650x19- 145-170
  • Made in Germany

Please note: Excel cannot accept returns on tubular tires that have been glued to a rim.

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