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The new Grand Prix 5000 S TR tire has prominent improvements over the original TL version: it is lighter, faster and somehow also has with stronger, more durable sidewalls. To our knowledge, these changes answer the most common criticisms of the TL version. The overall features and technologies have been maintained, though perhaps adjusted and adapted to the new design- such as a new, unique BlackChili rubber compound that rolls faster, has greater puncture resistance, and continues the long wear standard the GP series tires have been known for. At the same time the sidewall change is crucial, especially for those using a hookless tubeless ready rim. With greater strength the 5000 S TR is better suited to this design, and in all sizes, the new maximum tire pressure with hookless is 73psi. Most sizes dropped about 20 grams of weight on average, which generally brings great joy to all cyclists.

The key to every tubeless tire is the bead that holds the tire in the rim channel. The bead must be strong, yet supple and capable of both a great seal, but also exceptional resilience to pressure and tire distortion. Continental was an original partner in the mountain UST standard, and has been a key player in moto sports. The Conti TR technology is specifically designed to deliver ideal Tubeless set-up for the variable higher pressure demands of road cycling in both hookless and hooked tubeless ready rim designs. Easy to install and reliable in use, the specifically developed Tubeless bead seals through its unique shape and provides stable fitting in the rim bed. Lighter, faster, lower rolling resistance, increased rider comfort and greater overall grip with the excellent puncture protection for a race ready tire; the GP 5000 TR leaps to the top of the Tubeless road tire category. The driving tech behind Continental's performance tires is the tire-specific BlackChili rubber. The engineers formulate the rubber with latest polymers as well as specially developed carbon black particles and filler materials that guarantee unique performance. It is the key to grip, wear, feel, and preventing small punctures. Nearly every BlackChili tire has a unique mixture because each tire has it's own requirements.

Continental carries over many of the same build and design technologies in the GP 5000, but with specifications strictly for the TR tire. You'll find the expected advanced Vectran breaker for puncture protection, and the model specific BlackChili designated rubber compound, as well as the LazerGrip engraved texture (which results in an inverted tread) that enhances shoulder grip. Active Comfort Technology, a layer of elastomer dampening material inside the tire designed to reduce vibration and defeat the effect of impacts regardless of tire pressure, is always welcome and adds minimal weight. Rider reports indicate the grip is improved out of the box, with no need to "break-in" or get wear on the tire. Technically you shouldn't need this with BlackChili rubber, but over the years we have noticed a desire to get some minor wear on the BlackChili for wet grip- not anymore. Comfort is subjective, and tubeless tire pressure truly impacts this, but at higher pressures there appears to be noticeable benefit. Any increase in puncture protection and tire wear without weight gain is always welcome.

The Grand Prix 5000 TR Tire features the 3 ply 180tpi casing system you know so well from the 4000s II and the 5000 tube-type, with the sidewall design that gives the tire its suppleness. For the 5000 S TR tire the casing is the 3ply version to handle the stress of lower pressures in any size. The Vectran breaker adds to the protection without a real weight or performance penalty. These proven Continental technologies make it easier to transition within their tire line-up. The Grand Prix 5000 S TR is available in 700x25, 700x28, 700x32 and 700x32 sizes, with specific pressure requirements, so please see the list below. Return to Top


  • Updated Conti Tubeless Ready road tire is lighter, and faster with greater sidewall strength-protection
  • Improved grip, reduced rolling resistance, competitive puncture protection, extended wear at at the lower pressure ranges that tubeless affords
  • Unique tubeless bead shape and material compound seals and holds in place
  • Ideal for training, road race, triathlon, all-around performance use
  • 3/180 tpi layered casing is perfectly formed, flexible, reliable
  • BlackChili compound specific to GP 5000 TR
  • Substantial reduction in rolling resistance
  • Improved grip with rubber compound and LazerGrip engraved texture
  • Lighter, enhanced liquid-crystalline polymer Vectran breaker protection system
  • Active Comfort Technology elastomer layer to cushion, reduce vibrations
  • Truer to listed size (with some variation based on rim width, tire pressure)
  • See Continental's video for tubeless tips and instructions
  • Continental recommends the use of their Revo TL-Sealant
  • Note: tire is directional, see arrow on sidewall
  • Sizes / Claimed Weight / Hookless | Clincher Max psi:
    • 700x25 / 250g / 73 |109 psi
    • 700x28 / 280g / 73 | 94 psi
    • 700x30 / 300g / 73 | 73 psi
    • 700x32 / 320g / 73 | 73 psi
  • Color: Black, Black/Coffee
  • Made in Germany
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