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Continental's high quality Mountain Tubes are subject to stringent quality control. We love the reliability and durability of these tubes, and they are a staff favorite. Seamless design and vulcanization ensure uniform roundness and enhanced strength around the valve stem. Conti's tubes feature a mid-length, threaded 42mm valve stem and a removable valve core for easily adding sealant when you need puncture insurance. These tubes offer a broader range than most, and are designed to start compact and safely stretch as required to the upper limit.

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  • High quality, seamless, vulcanized rubber, mountain bike tube with uniform roundness
  • All Continental tubes are subject to stringent quality control
  • Removable valve core for easy replacement, adding a valve extender, or adding sealant
  • 42mm threaded valve stem
  • Works with 1.75"-2.5" tires
  • Weight: 26 inch 200g, 27.5 and 29 inch 230g
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