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Continental's Terra line-up fills the void between cyclocross and mountain models to truly serve the gravel market with tread designs that are new, yet are properly informed by years of cross and mountain tire construction, performance and competitive success. The Terra Speed Protection Tire is aptly named and the Made in Germany model features the best performance build, rubber, and design that the cycling experts at Continental can deliver.

Continental's BlackChili compound ensures that the Terra Speed has exceptionally low rolling resistance, yet offers phenomenal grip in wet or dry circumstances. With proprietary synthetic and natural rubber compounds, the secret to the properties of BlackChili comes from special nanometric carbon soot particles, which are optimized in shape and surface properties for each tire it is used in. The tread is true gravel variant for hardpack, dry conditions. It rolls fast but never sacrifices grip and traction just for speed. The series of different knob shapes, layout, and features ensure you won't get bogged down in random loose or soft material, that you will corner with confidence, and feel in control. Tubeless use allows you to drop pressures and use a greater footprint for all conditions thanks to the carry of the tread well onto and over the shoulder edge of the rounded design.

When matching this specific compound with the all-round ProTection casing, a puncture protection layer that is durable, yet light and supple enough to keep the tire weight manageable, Continental delivers an exceptional performance tire. The patterned ProTection sidewall design gives away the casing, but that protection runs throughout the tire, not just the sidewalls. ProTection level tires now all feature the Revolution Tubeless Ready Bead, which makes tubeless set-up quick and easy, and having the ability to run the open tread pattern tubeless at slightly lower pressures, along with the BlackChili grip is what allows the Terra Speed Protection Tire to be so much effective in so many conditions than you'd expect from a Speed designated tire.

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  • Speed-oriented gravel tire with enhanced grip and wear capabilities, a smoother ride
  • Fast rolling, yet capable tire in packed, dry conditions, but surprisingly capable overall
  • BlackChili proprietary synthetic and natural rubber compounds, with special nanometric carbon soot particles that produce a final rubber with inherently unique qualities
  • The compound wears well, without a drop in quality as it is used
  • Series of smaller round, hex and oval knobs carry well onto the shoulder of the tire for enhanced grip and traction in soft materials and on hardpack
  • ProTection puncture protection layer that is durable, yet light and supple, offers real sidewall abrasion and puncture resistance- crucial in lower volume tubeless use
  • Sidewall layer features visible RaceFlag checkered surface
  • 3 ply/180 tpi casing offers more volume, damping the ride and greater flexibility on mixed surfaces
  • Revo Tubeless Ready bead, with folding Aramid bead core
  • Revo Sealant recommended for optimal results
  • 27.5/650b options: 35mm (44-73 psi, 335g), 40mm (44-73 psi, 390g)
  • 700c options: 35mm (44-73 psi, 360g), 40mm (44-73 psi, 405g)
  • Colors: Black/Black, Black/Cream
  • Made in Germany
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