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Continental's Performance tire line packs plenty of proven tech and materials into a more cost-effective version of the Terra Trail. This is a great bikepacking and fast gravel tire design that enjoys long tours off pavement. The folding, Tubeless Ready 180 tpi casing and bead allow for a more supple and flexible construction that can take full advantage of the PureGrip rubber compound, while the Shieldwall protection system counters abrasion and punctures.

PureGrip, which has been used in several of Conti's road and commuting tires, was developed for high mileage, puncture resistance, grip and lower cost. The rubber uses Activated silica compounds to offer outstanding grip and cross-country level speed properties; it is also long lasting and highly durable. The tread itself is the Terra Trail all purpose, fast rolling design, with a 3 row offset, oblong hexagon pattern that can maintain speed on pavement and hardpack, but has enough gap for grip on rocky, hard and mixed surfaces. Moving to the shoulders, the Terra Trail has a directional diagonal pattern of progressive size and profile, for good cornering control and plenty of traction points in soft materials. The tread design can favor higher or lower pressures based on pavement/hardpack versus soft and mix surfaces afforded by the flexibility of tubeless tire use.

The casing is built with the proven 3-ply/180 tpi construction most of Continental's non-DH mountain tires employ. The Shieldwall System protection covers bead-to-bead, and the all-round puncture protection layer consists of a finely woven cross fabric. It is flexible to match the casing with the optimum combination of high puncture protection and low rolling resistance with moderate weight.

Continental's Revolutionary (Revo) Tubeless system features a special bead shape and material that ensures a better seal, with greater flexibility to easier and faster tire mounting. It is recommended you use their Revo Sealant for optimal results.

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  • Fast rolling but all-round capable tubeless ready gravel, off-pavement bikepacking-touring tire at a great price
  • Directional tread with 3 row center low knobs for speed, with gaps for grip and control on all surfaces and conditions, with angled progressive shoulder knobs for cornering and traction
  • Continental proven technologies and materials keep performance high, weight moderate
  • PureGrip rubber uses Activated silica compounds to offer outstanding grip and cross-country level speed properties; it is also long lasting and highly durable
  • Comfortable and voluminous 3 ply/180 tpi casing with Shieldwall system ideal for tubeless use
  • Excellent puncture resistance and maximum stability
  • ShieldWall combines optimum combination of puncture protection / low rolling resistance with modest weight
  • Additional, all-round puncture protection layer, which consists of a finely woven cross fabric
  • Revo tubeless ready bead allows easy and uncomplicated tire mounting
  • Continental recommends their Revo sealant for best overall results
  • Performance Line, w/folding bead, TLR
  • Options:
    • 27.5": 1.75" (36-67 psi, 400g)
    • 700c: 35mm (44-73 psi, 820g), 40mm (44-73 psi, 460g)
  • Color Black
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