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The Top Contact series from Continental has long represented their premium all-round urban and touring option. Made in Germany, and featuring the Vectran Breaker system found in the Grand Prix 5000 and it's famed predecessor the GP 4000s II, the 2nd generation Top Contact II, which is available in several volume sizes, features some premium tread design and construction to deliver speed, grip, and control that all belie the simple form of the tire.

There are three keys to the Top Contact II. The first is the 3-ply, 180 tpi casing, which is reasonably light and supple. The second is the lightweight and Vectran Breaker system, which offers shoulder to shoulder protection from a fine synthetic fiber textile and has little to no negative effect on ride quality or rolling resistance, which cannot be claimed by any other breaker at the same protection level. The third is the tread rubber and tread design. The rubber itself is durable, lessens the effects road noise and small impacts, and has inherent grip properties. The smooth center section keeps the speed up, while passing water off to the shoulders, which have a wrapping, directional inverted tread pattern cut in. Alternating complementary shapes kick the water out and every other pad carries a subtle textured surface, which provide exceptional cornering grip on wet pavement and some traction in softer material.

The combination creates the fastest rolling, most reliable semi-slick tires made. The difference is that this design is available in 28-42mm sizes, meaning it can be used on most current disc road bikes, endurance/allroad bikes, even gravel options. Fast commuters who travel longer distances over paved roads or paved/packed trails will love the performance as well as the protection. Continental rates the Top Contact II as one their safest tire options, and despite the lightweight, high tech layered materials, carries an E-R75 e-bike rating for speeds up to 75km/h. It can easily handle the drive and load ratings of most US e-bikes, most of which are capped at about 20mph when assisted. This is no niche tire, but a premium all-rounder for the Urban/Touring market with some additional use cases for allroad, gravel and bikepacking.

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  • German-made All-round semi-slick urban/touring tire with greater speed and versatility
  • Outstanding rolling characteristics fostered by a broad central tread pattern and a high-end fabric breaker
  • Vectran Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than the comparable nylon breaker- does not adversely affect rolling resistance
  • Vectran™ is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fiber based on a natural model like spider silk, but using a liquid-crystalline polymer
  • Fast, inherently grippy rubber with center mass and thickness which offers some puncture resistance
  • Center tread is smooth, but moves water to the shoulders for release- shoulders have alternating inverted tread shapes with every other featuring a textured contact patch
  • ECE-R75-certified: Recommended for e-bikes up to 50km/h (31mph)
  • Sizes/psi range: 700x28 (80-102), 700x32 (70-85), 700x37 (58-85), 700x42 (50-85)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight by size: 28mm/470g, 32/525g, 37mm/610g, 42mm/760g
  • Made in Germany
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