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When you go out on epic rides on trails, gravel, or any combination of off pavement adventure, you need to have a multi-tool that can handle just about everything. The Crank Brothers M20 Multi Tool was built for this, with all the standard Hex, Torx and screwdrivers, of course, but so much more, with a functional 8-12 speed chaintool, a disc rotor straightener, spoke wrenches, valve core removal tool, and even an 8mm open wrench.

A welcome surprise here is a shallow case that clips onto the M20's rails and holds five tubeless tire plugs, complementing the M13's integrated tire plug tool. The case also has room to store chain quick links- which makes it all even better. Typical of Crank Brothers, the M20 is well thought out and executed, with quality materials and tooling. At 3.5" long and 203 grams it is best suited for a hydration pack or frame/saddle bag, but it is also very manageable to use and control after you've been banging along the trail for few hours.

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  • Comprehensive multi-tool of moderate size and weight, with a chain tool and much more
  • Machined alloy side rails, stainless steel through bolt tool axles
  • 20 high tensile steel multi-tools, including an integrated tire plug tool
  • Tire plugs come included with a storage case that mounts directly to the tool
  • The case can be used to conveniently store chain links
  • Included tools:
    • Chain tool (8/9/10/11/12 speed compatible)
    • Hex wrenches- 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm
    • Torx wrenches- T-10, T-25
    • Open wrench- 8mm
    • Screwdrivers- Phillips #1 & #2, Flat #1
    • Spoke wrenches- #0, #1, #2
    • Specialty- Tire plug tool, tire plugs, valve core removal tool, rotor straightener
  • Length: 89mm / 3.5"
  • Finish options: Black Midnight
  • Weight: 203 grams
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