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The Crank Brother's cleated pedal system has been lauded for its ease of entry from the four-sided eggbeater-type interface. many riders also opted for it because its +/6 ° of rotational float and 15 degree release angle. But increased conering angle, lightweight and simple design was out of reach for riders who prefer to limit have zero float. This Zero Float Cleat set changes that and avails the system to more riders.

The Zero Float Cleat uses the same materials as the Premium cleat, which lives up to its name by being made with ultra-durable brass material. It holds up to hard and regular use better than Crank Brothers original cleat. The harder brass limits wear and is much more resilient than the original to impact and/or rocks while walking. This premium-level Zero Float Cleat is compatible with Crank Brothers eggbeater, candy, smarty, and mallet pedals. Return to Top


  • Durable, long wearing premium brass cleat for specific Crank Brothers pedals
  • Made with premium strength brass
  • 15º release angle
  • Zero rotational float
  • 2.2mm left/right adjustment
  • Made with premium strength brass
  • Includes: cleat, retaining plate, hex screws, plastic spacers
  • Weight: 30 grams complete with hardware
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