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The growth of on, off, and mixed surface endurance cycling and bikepacking has allowed many companies to go back to their roots, and Blackburn is certainly one. There was a time in recent decades when the bicycle touring category was exceeded only by kid's bikes in the US. It has carried on regularly in Europe and around the world, and has re-emerged in the US. Now there are companies dedicated to touring an camping bike bags, and equipment, but don't forget that products like these have been a part of Blackburn's history. The Wayside Multi-tool is a great example of fresh take on highly useful (and usable) compact tools, combined with up-to-date design and materials.

At 200 grams, the Wayside is actually pretty light for such capable cycling-portable tool. It is capable enough to even be a great option to leave in your vehicle for bike emergencies of any kind should you travel with your bike to events or simply like to be a good Samaritan for stranded riders to the side of the road. The 19 tool Wayside is a hybrid of a loose Allen hex wrench set, and a traditional multi-tool. One side has an integrated carrier for individual ball-end hex wrenches. These are extremely helpful when you have limited space or angle for tool use. The ball driver on the long-end is great for getting bolts started or removing after breaking torque. The 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2 mm hex wrenches are these loose L-style models and are clipped into place in the holder, then a retainer holds them in place. The stubby 8mm and 6mm hex tools are built into the multi-tool side. The hollow core 8mm doubles an extension handle for the loose L-hex wrenches for additional leverage. The versatility and practicality are great examples of how the Wayside was conceived.

The multi-tool side also carries the T30 and T25 wrenches for Torx bolts commonly found now in cranksets, brake bolts, disc brake rotor bolts, and even shift lever bodies. A simple flat head screwdriver can be used to adjust most derailleur screws. A very capable (7-11 speed) mini chain tool is crucial on unsupported rides, and this one carries several other tools, including: #0, #1 and #2 spoke wrenches, a disc brake pad spreader, and a Presta valve core tool. A simple steel hook tool is stored clipped into the body of the tool, and is hugely helpful for fixing chains, as it is designed to hook into both ends of the chain to hold it in place for when you remove and install pins or links. If you have ever fixed a chain in the sand, you will know the value of this simple device. Finally, a serrated knife blade is provided for utility use. Any bikepacker will attest to the value of a sharp knife, and this one has a locking blade for safety.

That will about cover all eventualities, right? Well, all may be too optimistic, but the Wayside Multi-tool was developed for maximum effectiveness in a compact package. The Wayside is just 3.39" long x 2.09" wide x .91" thick, so it can easily be packed and carried any way you wish. The hardened chrome-vanadium tools are durable, with precision interfaces for best use and to prevent damage. What more can be said? If you are looking for a full service multi-tool, you can stop here at the Wayside

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  • Well equipped multi-tool with 19 options, perfect for the road less traveled
  • One side features holder individual L-hex wrenches with ball end drivers
  • Other side features more traditional multi-tool holder
  • Hardened chrome-vanadium tools with precision interfaces
  • Individual hex keys with ball driver ends: 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2 mm
  • Stubby hex keys pivot on tool frame: 8mm, 6mm
  • 8mm hex has hollow-core for use as a holder for individual hex keys
  • Torx T30 and T25 keys
  • Mini-chain tool for 7-11spd chain breaking, pin installation, chain hook to hold chain
  • Chain tool integrates brake pad spreader, 3 spoke wrenches, Presta valve core tool
  • Serrated knife blade locks for safety, great for utility use
  • Dimensions: 3.39" long x 2.09" wide x .91" thick
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Weight: 200 grams
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