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Deda was the first company to come out with handlebar tape to rival the undisputed leader in the market, at the time - Cinelli cork. The semi-spongy synthetic foam offered a nice contrast to the firm cork and immediately gained a huge following. It is highly cost-effective, making seasonal changes less expensive than many other wraps that have to replaced just as often.The synthetic foam tape is offered in a spectrum of colors and with the "carbon" options a different texture as well.

We find the Deda tape to be the easiest product to wrap, with decent stretch and resilience to re-wraps if you leave a gap or misjudge an over-wrap, although it can tear if you are not careful and pull it too aggressively, especially around pronounced edges at the shifter body. Steady, consistent tension will allow you to complete a thinner, more compressed wrap, even on a true 46cm center to center handlebar. I you prefer more loft, with a softer feel then a 44cm bar may be the max size you can comfortably wrap. Of course, large wing sections and huge drops can impact the overall length.

Our decade-plus experience with Deda Handlebar Tape has shown the wrap to be much more durable than it would seem. It is true that if you get a cut, or pull it overly taut, you may be looking at replacement. Average riders who change cables and housing once a year will find that the tape holds up equally well. Bike racers or high mileage cyclists, who really should be changing these wear items more frequently will be thankful for the low cost and impressive vibration damping properties of Deda's tape.

In general, once the tape gets slick, with a solid sheen it is time to replace it. Until that point, the synthetic material offers good grip when sweaty, wet, or dry, with bare hands or padded gloves. In case you haven't quite caught on, we love this handlebar tape, and though there are many great options out there for personal preference, Deda Handlebar Tape remains a best seller and price is only a minor reason why.

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  • Wicking synthetic foam material handlebar tape that wraps easily, is cost-effective
  • Adhesive backing is tacky for hold, and won't transfer as bar is wrapped
  • Easy to manage when wrapping; light, not too tacky, consistent, predictable stretch
  • Length is easily adequate for true 44cm bars at mild stretch, can accommodate 46cm or wing bars with slightly tighter, consistent stretch and 20-35% overlap
  • Deda faux-carbon bar plugs included, ideal fit in most aluminum and carbon bar ends
  • Carbon versions have diamond texture, offers more active grip, slightly less stretch
  • Embossed Deda logo
  • Select from wide range of solid colors, some with Carbon design
  • Made in Italy
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