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Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil is a necessity to the serious mechanic's tool kit. It is one of key items of the superior product line from Dumonde Tech and will become an indispensable lube for hub work .

Freehub Oil is designed specifically for pawl style freehubs requiring a lightweight oil. Dumonde has formulated the oil to perform consistently throughout a wide temperature range. Its flow point is -40 degrees so it will keep the freehub going in arctic conditions. The oil actually penetrates and bonds best when heated, so after applying, it is best to run the drivetrain by riding. The lubricant distributes and adheres with a very light coating that provides durable protection and free movement longer than virtually any other hub lube. It provides extremely low friction as well as excellent protection against wear. Dumonde Tech won't damage seals or gum up delicate parts.

Simply follow the manufacture's specification for the volume of oil required in your freehub body. Our experience is that you will have to maintain the freehub much less often when using Dumonde Tech. We have even heard of some tech departments of well known wheel manufacturers preferring Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil over their own companies offerings.

The light weight and low viscosity of Freehub Oil is also effective for other cycling applications. Some mechanics use it as cable/housing lube and and for lubricating small moving parts, pivots due to the light weight spring action limitations. Wear and cold temperatures do not effect performance of Freehub Oil like those with with heavier viscosity. It will not become thick and sticky over time, and the less frequent re-application requires very small amounts of the oil. Excess is just wasted. If you service hubs and freehubs frequently and you haven't tried Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil, you need to.

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  • Lubes and protects Freehub bodies
  • Designed for pawl style freehubs
  • Works in extreme cold
  • Long lasting, won't build up or get thick and sticky over time
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