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Road cyclists generally desire a quiet, clean drivetrain that shifts perfectly and can tolerate the high miles and road conditions imposed by a strict training schedule. Okay, not everyone has a strict training schedule, but we all can have the best running drivetrain possible by using Dumonde Tech's Lite Chain Lube. Dumonde's lubes have gone from a cult following to the mainstream via the mechanics and shops that swear by it. Only a small amount per link is needed to provide long lasting lubrication that quiets the chain and extends the life of drivetrain components. Best of all, it quiets and lubricates without being oily or greasy, and repels water, making it perfect for road cyclists. If you are a mountain biker or touring cyclist, check out the Original Bicycle Chain Lube formula that is recommended for extreme mud and wet conditions such as those found in nasty weather, cyclocross and many mountain bike environments.

Dumonde Tech LiteLube is a polymer-based liquid plastic that forms a thin, extremely low-friction coating on the chain. It actually bonds to the chain and can't be washed off with water and only minimally sheds while riding. This lubricant helps components stay cleaner, last longer, shift better and run more quietly. It is extremely durable and outlasts most other chain lubes while being environmentally friendly. Some reviewers have remarked on a impressive improvement in shifting performance with mis-matched drivetrains. Is it true? Hard to say, but we do trust anecdotal experience from serious cyclists and mechanics.

Original Bicycle Chain Lube (BCL) is the same base product as this Lite version, which differs only in concentration and color. Lite is a thinner concentration, and best suited to the relatively less extreme conditions of road cycling. Once you apply and bond the lube, it maintains its properties longer than any other product we have used. When you start to hear the drivetrain making a little more noise than usual, just wipe off with soapy water, rinse, let dry, and reapply with very small drops. You will be surprised how little you actually need. Ride after applying, as heat best distributes and sets the lubricant. After your ride, just wipe off the outside plates of your chain to remove any excess.

You can confidently use Dumonde Tech's Bicycle Chain Lubes on all cables, pivots points and seals. It is safe on plastic, rubber and all seal materials. Dumonde Tech products are eco-friendly and environmentally sensitive. You can be sensitive to the natural world while still enjoying the benefits of this exceptional lubricant.

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  • Light weight concentration of Original Bicycle Chain lube, formulated for road cycling
  • Improves shifting and reduces drivetrain noise
  • Creates a light film that bonds to the crucial inner surfaces of the chain
  • Improves chain and drivetrain life
  • Apply first time to clean and stripped dry chain, one drop per link roller
  • Heat activates and distributes the lube, so run drivetrain after application
  • Use mild soap and water to clean between applications, no need to strip off

This item must ship UPS Ground and to United States Continental Addresses Only

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