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Virtually all of today's high-end frames are coming with some variant of a tapered or oversized steerer tube. The strength and stiffness advantages allow the frame manufacturer or builder to save weight. The dominant finished size in the industry is the 1½ to 1⅛ inch tapered steerer but Enve is also offering the 2.0 Road fork in other steerer tube options: straight 1⅛, as well as 1¼ to 1⅛ tapered;. Enve is deeply in-tune with the bike building market and while the Enve 2.0 Road Fork has become the go-to carbon fork for virtually all of the major custom bike builders, it has even been tapped by some of the major companies for OEM use. This interest and appreciation speaks volumes to how strongly the industry feels about Enve, and the 2.0 Fork in particular. For cyclists building up a frame or replacing their standard tapered fork, here is your upgrade.

Yes, the 2.0 is a carbon beauty and a perfect match for any frame, but the true reason for buying the fork is uncompromised performance at a very reasonable weight. The carbon fiber masters at Enve use a carbon lay-up process that runs unidirectional carbon fiber from the top of the fork to the bottom, and instead of drilling a brake hole, the engineers use a molded process, similar to the one used for spoke holes in Enve's rims. This keeps all fibers intact. The fork is a hollow one-piece design that delivers incredible lateral stiffness and torsional strength, yet rides so smoothly you will have unerring confidence in the handling and predictability of your front end. And this is achieved at a weight under 350 grams.

Ultimately this is the feel and assurance cyclists seek from a fork. Until you have carved downhill switchbacks at speed, or led a group in your local crit into that hard turn before the finishing straight, you don't know the limits of your equipment. With Enve's 2.0 Road fork the question is whether or not you will find that limit. Isn't that all you can ask for? Well, how about multiple rake and steerer options? Whether you are a racing cyclist, high mileage rider, or someone who just enjoys the smooth assurance of excellent craftsmanship and engineering, the Enve 2.0 Road is the best fork available.

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  • Optimally balanced, tapered, quick-release type road fork for new build or upgrade
  • 100% molded carbon fiber, hollow one-piece construction
  • Beautiful UD Carbon finish with Enve graphics
  • Carbon steerer expanding plug for headset compression/adjustment included
  • Steerer tube options: Tapered 1½ -1⅛, 1¼- ⅛; Straight 1⅛
  • Spec: Tire clearance up to 700x25, single bold caliper brake, 100mm QR hub
  • Steerer length: 350mm
  • Rake: 43mm
  • Finish: UD carbon with Gloss Decals
  • Weight: 350 grams (uncut steerer)
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