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Enve has proven to be an adept developer of high quality and purposeful carbon fiber components. Thei Aero Road Stem is an aerodynamically honed stem with adjustable length and angle set-up options to truly optimize your position. In mating the handlebar to the fork, the Aero Road Stem was developed with pro cycling partner Team Dimension Data for the refined ride response and control needed in this critical area junction the bike, while delivering aero efficiency. This stem is designed for negative drop only and cannot be flipped or reversed into a positive rise.

Bike racers, triathletes, and performance-focused riders looking to optimize their position and improve overall aerodynamics are always seeking the most efficient set-up, without sacrificing the stiffness and comfort needed for speed. The rider makes up 80-90% of total aero drag, so refining your position can produce some of the biggest gains of all aero efficiencies. With Enve, the shape of the stem, plus the ability to eliminate headset spacers was crucial, allowing for cleaner airflow at the front of the bike, and producing valuable drag savings. Enve took the time to develop and test prototypes in the wind tunnel with Simon Smart of Smart Aero Technologies, but also in real-life use out on the road with Team Dimension Data, so the designers and engineers are assured that real world, constantly changing variables and ride characteristics aren't sacrificed to the sterile, structured environment of the wind tunnel.

Enve developed a final shape with a reduced frontal area, smoother airflow, and lower drag. Next, they designed in beautifully simple methods for adjusting the angle and fine tuning the length. The Aero Road Stem was crafted with two positions each for length and angle using steerer tube shims. With the first spacer, a -7° or -17° angle is achieved, while a -12° angle with +/-2.5mm in length is achieved with the second spacer. These allow for more definitive alignment and set-up so you have fewer compromises between equipment limitations and your physical needs and preferences. Even with this two-way adjustability and the aero profile, Enve was able to keep the weight down to a mere 175g (110mm length), including the adjustment spacer and top-cap, in a design that works with any standard steerer tube and any of Enve's road handlebars and most 31.8mm diameter bars on the market.

Enve does offer a specific aero out-front style computer mount with Garmin and Wahoo inserts that integrates cleanly into the Aero Road Stem and which also went through the same testing process. This mount is sold separately, but given you are likely to pair the Aero Road Stem with an aero shaped handlebar, most buyers will opt to purchase both at the same time.

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  • Aero road carbon stem with fit adjustment options, excellent cockpit control
  • Designed for negative drop only- cannot be flipped/reversed into a positive rise
  • Optimize position and improve overall aerodynamics, maintaining stiffness & comfort
  • UD carbon construction, molded and laid up for strength, torsional stiffness
  • Two steerer-style spacers: one for -7° or -17°, one for a -12° angle with 2.5mm of fore-aft adjustment
  • Shape and design tested in the wind tunnel and real world conditions
  • Works with any standard 1⅛" steerer tube and 31.8mm diameter Enve or other brand road or aero handle/base bars
  • Unique 3-bolt aluminum facepate integrates smoothly into carbon body shape
  • 31.8mm Face Plate torque spec: Upper Bolt 10Nm / Lower Bolt 6Nm
  • 1⅛" Steerer Tube torque spec: 5.5Nm
  • Stack height: 42.5mm with length shim / 45.5mm with angle shim
  • Sizes: 100, 110, 120, 130 mm
  • Weight: 175 grams (110mm w/spacer, topcap assembly)
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