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Enve's carbon rims have been built in two generations. The first has a smooth brake track. The 2nd has a textured brake track, which has been molded-in to the rim. The carbon pads offered by Enve are specific to each generation, though both have engineered for optimal braking the proper generation Enve carbon rim. They feature specific compounds created for low heat buildup and a smooth, linear brake feel, in wet or dry conditions. It is not recommended that you cross-match generations.

Select the proper pad based on the physical surface of your brake track and your pad holder type. The 2nd generation textured surface is quite obvious, both visually and to the touch. Shimano and SRAM share a pad holder design, and Campagnolo has their own, that several high-end aftermarket companies use as well.

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  • Sold as one pair of pads (2 pair required for 2 brakes)
  • Enve OE factory replacement pads for carbon rims
  • Two compounds available, based on generation of rim
  • First generation with smooth surface brake track
  • Second generation rims have textured brake track
  • Do not mix pads, only use the correct pads for your Enve carbon rims
  • Pad options: Standard brake surface, Textured 2nd gen brake surface
  • Fitment options: Shimano/SRAM, Campagnolo style brake pad holders
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