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As a leader in carbon composite technology applications for cycling, it is only natural that Enve would choose to design and manufacture their own water bottle cage. Of course, the Enve Carbon Bottle Cage had to have a distinct shape and style, while providing exceptional bottle retention and ease of use. Given that the company makes some of the most reliable and durable carbon fiber rims available, the strength and engineering are beyond questioning. But how well does the lightweight design work?

Coverage around the bottle and fit are the two crucial design features that ensure bottle retention. The Enve design offers more wrap, especially around the lower half of the bottle, which creates friction against the bottle surface. The traditional top tab on the spine of the cage lholds the bottle down, but the compression of the cage is basically perfect. The unidirectional carbon fiber has been molded in just the right inner circumference, and the front extension has just enough give to both hold and release the bottle with minimal rider input. This front section extends to the middle third of the bottle, which means the water volume, full or empty, won't impact effectiveness. The V-shaped design does offer an ideal low-angle opening, and material recesses which make for effortless bottle insertion and removal from either side of the bike, or even more vertically than normal. Overall, this is a well thought out and tested design that can handle road or mountain use with ease.

The standard two hole mounting system of the spine offers a small amount of height adjustment, and the shape and molded structure is stiff and strong. Like the best carbon cages, the Enve Carbon Bottle Cage is durable and strong, won't fatigue, and is even somewhat resistant to impact, while delivering excellent bottle retention and impressive ease of use. If you roll on Enve wheels or components, or simply require a high quality cage that carries Enve style and reputation, this cage will suit you perfectly. Return to Top


  • 100% UD carbon composite bottle cage for standard diameter water bottles
  • Optimized design and construction for excellent bottle retention in any terrain
  • Opening can be accessed from either side, or from the top, for easy insertion/removal
  • Standard 2-bolt mounting design, with some vertical adjustment from the oval slots
  • Lightweight design that is durable and resistant to fatigue and minor impact
  • Color: UD Carbon Matte w/ small Gloss Logo
  • Weight: 21 grams
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